Single & Double Swing Gate Openers


Single & Double Swing Gate Openers

Built to our stringent specifications, Auto Ingress Swing gate operators offer reliable and economical solutions for industrial, commercial and residential applications. Designed with the advanced technology of right-angle opening, the operator is actuated by a telescopic arm which is rated for a maximum leaf weight of 300kg. These swing gate operators are ideal for small and large size gates. In case of emergency a release key allows the gate to be operated manually

Protected by durable, weather-proof casings, the operators are aesthetically pleasing and easy to install, and can be integrated with a host of accessories like remote controllers, alarm lamps, photocells, loop detector and IC card reader.



  • Activation By Remote control, Intercom, Key switch, Ground loop Code pad etc.
  • Self locking & reversible electro mechanical motor.
  • Rack and pinion gear system with motor torque adjustment.
  • Emergency release key to allow manual operation in case of power failure.

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