KA071 Crystal Door

KA071 crystal door is made of a special safety glass, featuring a unique structure and an impeccable appearance.

As the door is designed without a central column, clearer visibility allows it to become sparkling and more elegant. With Auto Ingress’s unique music note style clamp, the KA071 door incorporates exceptional mechanic s with aesthetics, increasing both safety and beauty.

Before the emergence of the music note style clamping system, most of the crystal doors use the conventional square clamping system. However, the traditional square clamp is unable to decentralize the pressure effectively, weakening the glass a round the clamp, and the therefore creating safety hazard.

The music note style clamp is named after its appearance, similar to one of the musical notes. The clamp’s round shape makes the bearing points of the edge distribute pressure equally, keeping the door body steady and firm.

This system has proven an impeccable safety record for Auto Ingress’s crystal doors.

Urban construction building (1)

Specifications of Crystal Doors

The KA071 door uses a unique bottom driving design. This allows the door body to be smooth and transparent, satisfying modern designers’ preferences.


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