KA023 3/4 Wing Revolving Door

KA023 3/4 wing revolving doors are suitable for the main entrance and exit in hotels, office buildings and commercial buildings.

It uses the running mode of revolving around the central axis, featuring high strength aluminum alloy frame assembly, removable structure, easy installation, convenient transportation, and convenient maintenance. The high quality bearing, multiple sealing and reasonable supporting structure can endure a harsh environment such as sand and dust.

According to customers’ requirements, the manual KM023 can be upgraded to a standard automatic door. The new version KA023C, is the upgrade product from the KA023. It can be remote controlled by a typical wireless mobile phone, or via the internet to change functions, such as lock the door and trouble shooting.

The diversified surface treatment processes and colors can satisfy your personalized requirements.

South Court Mall in Malaysia

Energy Saving Eco-friendly

KA023 series products perfectly combine style, design and mechanics, with high technology, high performance and high precision design, feature quality work, heat preservation, windproof, dustproof, sound insulation, stable performance, all concise and practical.


Auto Ingress is committed to providing ample and reliable accessories to the suppliers and distributors of its products. Auto Ingress provides prompt technical support in order to provide fast and effective after-sales service to customers all around the world.

KA023 3 wings revolving door Dimension

KA023 4 wings revolving door Dimension



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