KA022 – The Excellent Access

KA022 automatic revolving door is a unique revolving door concept with an unprecedented passage capacity. It provides a bi-directional, straight-line access and easily accommodates large objects such as shopping carts, luggage trolleys, stretchers and wheelchairs. Combining the highest possible capacity and ease of use with maximum flexibility, we offer a modular revolving door concept allowing us to design a high capacity entrance to meet your requirements.


Internet monitoring system

  • Full time door monitoring for operation status updates.
  • Instantaneous automatic alarm for malfunctions
  • Parameter adjustment upon client’s request

The system provides remote access for diagnosis as well as monitoring of the operational status for the KA022i. Adopting advanced radio digital communication technology and voice interactive technology to serve the following in the event of malfunction:

  • Interface to the GSM mobilephone, meanwhile SMS is controlled
  • Interface to the digital graphic processor of CPU of KA022i
  • Interface to the building Automation SYS

3 in 1

Revolving Doors

The revolving door design completely eliminates exchange of indoor and outdoor air and greatly reduces excess heating costs. Under normal circumstances, an installed revolving door will essentially pay for itself within two years just through increased energy savings.

Sliding Doors

During periods of pleasant weather, high foot traffic or large cargo deliveries, the sliding doors in between the wing doors can be opened, neatly solving all your logistical problems.

Balanced Doors

The three-in-one performance capability of the wing doors is completed with the balanced doors. Combining the elegance and efficiency
of the wing doors and the convenience of the sliding doors, the balanced doors can be used in case of emergencies by providing the fastest method of escape, ensuring the three-in-one double panel doors to be the safest.

Rainford Shopping Center


Auto Ingress is committed to providing ample and reliable accessories to the suppliers and distributors of its products. Auto Ingress provides prompt technical support in order to provide fast and effective after-sales service to customers all around the world.

For more information about our automatic revolving door, please contact us on 1300 138 750 or email at sales@autoingress.com.au.


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