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Revolving & Curved Doors

Automatic Revolving Door

The difference between automatic and manual revolving doors is that the automatic doors are equipped with drive units and sensor systems, which make the door operate automatically. Three/four-wing doors are cost-efficient, and are commonly used in banks, shopping centers, hotels, office buildings, amongst others.

KA023 3/4 Wing Revolving Door

KA023 3/4 wing revolving doors are suitable for the main entrance and exit in hotels, office buildings and commercial buildings.

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KA022 Automatic Revolving Door

KA022 automatic revolving door is a unique revolving door concept with an unprecedented passage capacity.

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KA071 Crystal Door

KA071 crystal door is made of a special safety glass, featuring a unique structure and an impeccable appearance.

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KA072 Large Diameter Revolving Door

KA072 is the best solution for the buildings where there are columns in door areas.

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KA052 Large Diameter Revolving Door

KA052 provides a wider passage, allowing easier and safer access to shopping carts in supermarkets and building material supply centers.

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Surface Treatment

Auto Ingress keeps the strictest and highest standards in its process. The finish of the anodized aluminum is no exception, offering more than twenty different choices of color and surface texture finishing.

Other standards of this stainless material include its wear-resistance, corrosion resistance, electrostatic prevention, amongst other features to meet different architectural styles and demands.

For more information about our revolving & curved doors, please contact us on 1300 138 750 or email at sales@autoingress.com.au.

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